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Tips on using social media to inspire and plan your next trip

We have all done it – “I’m just going online to check something quickly” and two hours later you have forgotten the reason that you went online in the first place!  Social media is a great distraction, but it can also be a useful tool to inspire and assist you in planning your dream holiday.  The time has come to think less guide book and more hash tag…because you know it’s all about that hash tag, #justsaying. Social media’s Big 5 in numbers… Facebook (connect) – 1.35+ billion monthly active users | billions of pieces of content shared monthly | growth has ↓ but engagement has ↑ You Tube (video) – 1 billion+ unique monthly user visits | 100 hours of video uploaded every minute | 6 billion hours of videos viewed monthly Instagram (image + video) – 300 million+ monthly active users | 70 million photos posted daily | significant ↑ in users (surpassing Twitter in 2013) Twitter (micro blogging) – 280+ million monthly active users | 500 million tweets sent per day | 80% of active users on mobile Pinterest (image book-marking) – 70 million+ active users | 80% of users are female …


Guide to getting paid to travel – living at home and away

According to the ‘Top 10 Travel Questions Asked on Google in 2014’, people are searching online to get answers to practical questions, seeking advice and tips on ways to travel and how to get paid to travel.   How to travel the world? How to travel on a budget? How do I start a travel blog? What are jobs where you can travel? How to travel alone? How do you get paid to travel? What’s the best way to fold a dress shirt for travel? What are the best times to travel to Asia? How do you apply for a travel document? Do you need travelers’ insurance? If you are one of the 1,000’s of people searching Google for inspiration or tips on how to travel the world and earn a salary at the same time, there are many options available that involve both living at home and relocating overseas. In addition, with the growth of travelers looking to connect with locals when they visit a city, there are many new ways to earn an income in your …


Peer-to-peer travel: Disruptive, local, unstoppable – genius!

The Spanish were clearly ahead of the game with the humble principle behind the saying “Mi casa es su casa” (my house is your house).  Today this has taken on a life of its own, creating a win-win platform for both travelers and locals alike. Locals can now generate additional income on the side – whilst sharing their passion for their city – and travelers can be exposed to more authentic, off the beaten track experiences that can often be cheaper than booking via the more traditional channels. So what is peer-to-peer (P2P) travel? In a nutshell, P2P travel means that on your next holiday you could be sleeping in someone’s spare room – instead of a hotel room; enjoying a home cooked meal at a locals kitchen table – instead of eating at a restaurant; being guided around town on a bespoke tour with a local – instead of booking a tour through a travel agent…. and a whole lot more! If this sounds like your idea of a nightmare, you can be reassured by the …