Welcome to my blog!

work.travel.repeat is a labour of love, providing a platform to share some of my travel moments and interesting travel trends that I come across working in the tourism industry.


I love to travel.

Travel has influenced a lot of decisions I have made over the years.   Year out travelling before starting University – check. University course with 6 months studying in Spain and a year internship in the USA – check.  Year round the world trip post graduation – check.  8 month trip to South America before I start looking for a ‘real job’ – check.

I work in travel.

When I temporarily retired my backpack to start a career, I only applied for marketing positions with travel companies and years later I have never looked back!  I have been fortunate enough to be able to feed my passion for travel whilst working, enjoying regular ‘Bleisure’ overseas trips – incorporating work + travel.


I am happiest when…..

I am planning a trip overseas:  I love nothing more than researching and planning my next trip – when do we leave?

I am surrounded by my niece and nephews:  I am a doting Auntie and picturing those three smiling faces never fails to put a smile on my face.

Having a giggle with the girls:  Fighting to get a word in with my good mates over a meal and a cold one is the best kind of therapy out there.



I hope you enjoy my ramblings and please feel free to get in touch!



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